As youths all over the country took to the streets to riot in the summer of 2011, a talented crew of young people joined up with Drama Workhouse to produce a live show inspired by DJ Tripple n Slimz’s radio chat show Da Word Out. We ran drama & music workshops for year 15s at St Matthew Academy, the young people were then able to showcase their talent at Da Word Out Show Live at the Albany Theatre in Deptford. Designed to entertain, the main element of the show was to express opinions, inform and inspire young adults to make the most of life and be more than they thought they could be.

Loved the presenting style, loved the discussion – it was a real positive for our students to be exposed to role models as articulate and confident as you all. And the single biggest positive was in taking a lot of hip hop or street culture and giving it an articulate, positive and responsible personality. Ciaran O’Halloran – Head of Arts at St Matthew Academy

Drama Workhouse Registered Charity Number: 1078620