Drama Workhouse is a registered charity providing training using drama.  Facilitated by experienced theatre professionals we run bespoke programmes that focus on the use of drama as a tool for personal development.  We run workshops and projects for children, young people, adults and vulnerable groups, where social and communication skills, confidence and self-esteem are developed within a safe environment.

We believe that nurturing such key skills raises aspirations and builds resilience.  Our programmes are delivered following in-depth consultation, ensuring that they meet the needs of the participants.

This kind of creativity cannot be weighed in conventional terms – beyond the artistic it gives people a chance to explore themselves and gain confidence to approach all aspects of life. All people, especially the young, need to be exposed to this, which is why Drama Workhouse has a special place in my heart.

Jeremy Foster – Trustee

Drama Workhouse Registered Charity Number: 1078620